An Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Re-Do!

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I’m often asked how I sell homes so quickly, and although there are a lot of answers to this question from pricing your home correctly to making sure you have the right real estate agent, a tried and true method in my book is always updating your kitchen!

When I mention to people they should update their kitchens, they often freak out– see dollar signs, and picture an entire renovation.  While certainly it couldn’t hurt to upgrade your appliances (stainless steel are always best) and fixtures, the simplest kitchen updates often make the most visual impact.   Changing (or adding) a backsplash and painting (or staining) cabinets are two of the most popular methods these days.

Recently, we received this tip from Martina DeRose who was having an issue with her orange tinted Maple cabinets (we can all relate to that, right?).    She didn’t know what to do and then finally took advice from a forum, and tried a stain.    The results are amazing!


Here is the before and after:

cabinets before staincabinets after stain Martina DeRose


What a difference a little stain & a new backsplash can make!

And here is her process:

“I used Sherwin Williams Rustic Gray but after it dried, they were A LOT lighter than I liked. I ran to Home Depot and bought a pint of Minwax “Ebony” and added it to the quart of Sherwin Williams and shook it up. My husband thought I was crazy but as soon as we applied the new color, we both were pleasantly surprised at how much nicer it looked. When I started out, I DID try using paint first but I didn’t like how it looked. The stain gives a more “rustic” look with the grain peeking through.”

stain peeking

She continues…

“Staining was MUCH easier. We just sanded the cabinets really well, applied wood conditioner, 2 coats of stain (let dry 24 hrs between coats) and then sealed with a polyurethane semi gloss then hit it with super fine grit sandpaper to get the dust particles out.”


Stain: Sherwin-Williams Rustic Gray (

Seal/Wax:  Minwax “Ebony”  (Home Depot)  (

Brick-Like Tiles:  Marazzi USA  (


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