Must-Do Steps To Sell for Top Dollar

Everyone wants to sell their home quickly,  but they also want to sell it for top dollar.  I pride myself on being an extremely efficient listing agent.  Here are my top tricks and tips to Sell for Top Dollar:

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Price Your House Right

Often when house hunting online, people do not search a specific dollar amount, but rather within in a specific range. You might want to sell your home at $105,000; however, your listing will likely get more attention if you price it at $99,999. If you price your house this way, you are likely to catch those who are searching in and below the $100,000 range. Also, when pricing your home consider what other houses in your area have been listed and sold for. While your home might be the loveliest on the block, you could be pricing it too high for your area.

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Givea Good First Impression

When you are selling your home, you want to make a good first impression because often times this will be your last impression and, if not, certainly one your potential buyers will remember. This means you need to take really good pictures for your listing. Nothing blurry or dark. Also, consider investing in curb appeal. You do not have to spend a fortune, but consider at least making sure the outside of your home is neat and tidy. Power wash your walkways or vinyl siding, remove any toys or clutter from your yard, and keep your lawn mowed.

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Update Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Your kitchen and bathrooms can either be your best assets or your worst enemies when it comes to selling your house for top dollar. People do not want to spend top dollar on out of date kitchens and bathrooms. This does not mean you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, but painting the walls and cabinets and updating hardware will do wonders for making these rooms look fresh and new.      Click here for my blog on painting/staining your cabinets. 

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 Also, matching stainless appliances will go an extremely long way in selling a property.


Fix Any Major Damage

Having any major damage to your house will lower the price of it. People do not want to pay top dollar and have to pay to fix major issues with their new home. A leaky roof or old water heater will ultimately bring down the value of your home. So, if you want to sell your house for the highest price possible, you need to make sure your water heater does not need replacing, your roof is in good condition, your plumbing is working, and your heating and/or cooling units are functioning. These are just an example and all expensive elements to replace or fix and could turn off buyers if they are not.

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Make sure before you put your house on the market that you clean it. Clean any fingerprints from the walls or stains on the carpet. Dust everything. Put any clutter away. You want your house to be as clean as possible when you take your photos of it and when you are showing it. This will make your house appealing and seem like it is worth the top dollar price you are asking.


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Hire a Real Estate Agent

When you want to sell your home for top dollar, a real estate agent is key. They will not only know the best ways to get buyers’ attention, but they can also help with negotiating the price. You want your top dollar than have a real estate agent in your corner.

I’m available and currently taking on new listings.  Contact me at or 504-858-6197 to list your property today!

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For Results and Not Excuses,

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Jennifer Fagan, Realtor®



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